Lacing up a corset back wedding dress


  • Take the lace through the top 2 loops, one either side, making sure the ends are even lengths. Note: always thread the loops through in the same way, ie. back to front OR front to back. Do not mix the two or the lace will not tighten up!
  • Put top right lace end through the next left loop. Pull through.  Make sure the lace is flat & not twisted.
  • Now thread the end of the top left lace through the next right loop, & then over to the next left loop again. Repeat this until waist level is reached.
  • Starting at the top, tighten each lace by pulling each side at the same time, then moving on to the next loop down on each side & pulling at the same time, taking up the slack. Methodically do this all down.  Check the dress is central and secure on the bust and waist.
  • Continue lacing up as before (top left over to the right, then back over to the left) until all the loops have been threaded.
  • You may find it helps to lean forward and allow your bust to fall into the bust cups before tightening the laces for the last time.
  • Be careful not to over tighten the dress on the bust or waistline as this will cause the dress to ride-up on the waistline and be too loose over the bust.
  • Tighten up as before and adjust as necessary. Then secure the ends in a neat bow.