Whilst the shop was closed for the 2018 Christmas and New Year holidays we were contacted by a bride asking for our help.  She messaged us on Facebook from her home in Germany to say that she urgently needed our help, her wedding was booked for the 6th January 2019 and she had no wedding dress.   She went on to explain that she had a dress for her wedding  which was being stored at her Mums house in the UK.  Unfortunately her Mums boxer puppy had gained access to the room where her dress was being stored and ripped it apart.  Jordan wasn’t arriving in the UK until a few days before the wedding and could we help?

So we booked her in first thing on the 3rd January (our first day back) with just 3 days until the wedding it was very tight.  Fortunately for Jordan after trying quite a few on we found her the perfect dress, only it was a little bit too big and a little bit too long.  This is never a problem for us though as we do all our fittings and alterations on the premises we were able to carry out the pin fitting there and then.  The necessary alterations were done that evening ready for the bride to come along the next morning to try it on again.  It fitted perfectly, she chose a fur wrap to complement and collected everything to take away for the wedding the very next day.

 I’m a great believer that things happen for a reason and whilst it was a terrible thing that the puppy ripped up the 1st dress, Jordan went down the aisle resplendent in a dress she loved even more than the first one. I think she and the puppy are on speaking terms again and she may even forgive him – one day.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Emberton, we wish you all the luck in the world.