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Meet the Team


My name is Helen, I am the owner of Bustles and Bows, and its safe to say I have been completely obsessed with weddings and wedding dresses for as long as I can remember, I made my first dressing-up wedding dress age 7 (helped by my mum) from an old net curtain she was throwing out, this is when my love of wedding dresses began and the rest as they say is history...

Now the proud owner of a beautiful bridal showroom I count myself very privileged to be working in a job that I love and helping brides prepare for the happiest day of their lives. In my spare time I enjoy all types of needle crafts, baking, reading, jam making, and making mosaics. I love 50's style and collect vintage china teacups and pots. I was married aged 20 to my childhood sweetheart Barry (we have been together since I was 16),happily married for 26 years and we have 3 lovely children, 2 daughters and a son.

I made my wedding dress which was white satin and lace as well as the dresses for my 5 bridesmaids. I studied Needlework and textiles in South Africa which is where I learned tailoring and dressmaking, most of my skills are self taught as I have an enquiring mind and love to find out how things work to make them fit best, I still enjoy perfecting my craft every day and work as seamstress for Bustles and Bows.


Hi there, my name is Claire, and I'm both Bridal stylist and seamstress here at Bustles and Bows. I have worked with the company since April 2010, however I have been sewing for 15 years (I made my first ever wedding dress for a client when I was 18!) I've spent a lot of time studying my craft, with a National Diploma in Fashion and Clothing, a Foundation Degree in Art and Costume, and a BA in Costume interpretation. Needless to say I have an eye for styling, and I'm also responsible for most of the crazier of our shop window displays!

I love offering an approachable, personal service for brides, I understand that it can be extremely intimidating to come into a shop like ours, and I try to make everyone feel at ease during their appointments. If I could describe my style I would say that I just love to try something a little different and am very enthusiastic about customising designs to give each bride the dress of their dreams. When I'm not in store I am usually feeding my second love (the circus with my aerial acrobatics hobby) and enjoy spending time in my kitchen whipping up delicious sugary treats.